A German Wedding

J and I had been planning to venture to Europe next year for our big 1-0 anniversary. Still with kids because that’s how we roll, so when my dear friend announced she was getting married in Germany this summer, we decided to bump things up a bit.

This actually worked out better – in my book anyway – as it was a good transition for us from Hawaii to the mainland – and since we can’t get into our home in Indiana until August, it forced us to extend our trip a bit longer than we had been originally planning. Win-win all around.

I was a little anxious about bringing a gaggle of jet lagged kids to a wedding (it’s exactly 12 hours time difference, so a 3pm wedding is 3am their time, after literally traveling 48 hours to get there).

And I suppose it was a bit appropriately placed. No one screamed or cried or ran around, so in that respect it was great. We were a wee bit late because our GPS took us to the wrong place first, but otherwise. B mostly dozed throughout the ceremony he was so exhausted, while M laid under my chair. F was pretty content but occasionally, quietly, fussed.

And H.

Oh, Miss H.

She was sitting in front of me and at one point during the ceremony when we were all standing, she walked back to me, putting her arms around my waist as she looked up at me, her eyes rolling to the back of her head and she dropped, fainting.

I summoned for J who was by the door and he picked her up and whisked her away outside, but after that my brain was mostly with her, worried.

She was fine after a long rest in the car though.

And the ceremony was gorgeous.

All the kids except B fell asleep between the church and the reception, but when they awoke they were rejuvenated and ready to party til midnight.

There were games and swings for the kids to enjoy. The food was delicious. And they all boogied like it was their job.

It was so nice to connect with friends whom I haven’t seen in ages and have an excuse to actually straighten my hair.

I did buy shoes just for this wedding, but I ended up forgetting them and wearing my Birks anyway, ha.

It was such a lovely day, followed by a delicious breakfast the next morning with everyone before saying adieu.

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