Like my creative title there? That’s where I am at in life right now, ha.

So, we had a whole day in Berlin due to the way our travel plans lined up. I will be honest, Berlin has never come close to my bucket list of places to visit, but I’m also open to pretty much anything so I wasn’t sad about it either.

It was super nice that my friend C was staying at our Air BnB with us and played tour guide in Berlin for us. It took all the guess work and planning out of it, which was a nice way to ease into our European adventure. (I keep wanting to call it a “vacation,” but a vacation has some element of relaxation to it in my opinion, and this is amazing, but not relaxing, ha.)

We hopped on the train with our hands full of pastries and headed to downtown Berlin. Since it wasn’t a place J not I had been making big plans for, we were pretty open to what we saw. We both wanted to see the wall, in whatever capacity that was, and J wanted to visit checkpoint Charlie.

That much was accomplished, and more.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t tell you what everything we saw was exactly, but much of it was gorgeous.

The kids’ favorite part was definitely the bubble guy. In the afternoon when we were pooped he entertained my kiddos for a good hour; the 5€ I left him wasn’t enough, I know.

We ate yummy food and drank delicious coffee and fruity drinks. And I had an amazing waffle. I’ve been fantasizing about good waffles for years, because you just cannot get a proper waffle in the states.

It was so nice to spend the day with C, and I think we helped insure her childless lifestyle a while longer, ha. I passed out on her in the middle of a serious conversation, because, kids. Exhaustion. Whoops.

I will say, Berlin was fairly dirty. I wasn’t quite expecting that. But otherwise it was super enjoyable and I’m so glad we got to visit it, but I’m not sure I’d have wanted much more time there personally. Maybe if I were sans kids and could drink my way through it, haha.

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