Big Island: Day 6

We could have without a doubt spent another week on the Big Island and still not have done and seen everything we wanted. It is definitely an island that locals and tourists alike don’t want to miss out on.

Our last day on the island started out bright and early as we were staying at the Volcano all week and were starting out our last day whale watching on the Kona side.

We departed by 5am so we wouldn’t be late, as it’s an easy 2+ hour trek to the other side.

Our whale watching tour was with Ocean Sports who did an amazing job. I would definitely do another whale watching experience with them, or even other water activities.

You guys.


Like up close and in person, beautiful, majestic, humpback whales.

Anyone who knows me well knows that whales are my favorite animal in the world.

They’re my spirit animal.

I’ve dreamt of seeing whales in the wild since I was a little girl.

Getting to see two from the shore only days prior was amazing. But this.

This was unbelievable.

They swam. They splashed. They danced.

We saw over 15 out in the bay just living life and putting on a show for us.

It was the most Ocean Sports had seen this entire season, and more than the captain said they often see in one day at any point during the season.

I’m telling you.

They knew I was coming.

This could have been all we saw and did on this vacation and I’d have been pleased as punch if we are being wholly honest.

It’s been on my bucket list most of my life, and this month I got to cross it off, along with running a marathon (more about that on a later day).

We had to catch our flight back to Oahu after this, but still, it was a full and wonderful day! I can’t wait to go back some day.

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