We travel a lot. Which means we spend a lot of time in the car.

When Miss H and Mr. B were babies, this was a bit of a painful endeavor that we tried hard to limit. Now that they’re older, it’s usually fairly easy. 

We typically limit and regulate screen time (I know, I know.).  But when we are roadtrippin’ all bets are off. The tiny natives are happy to zone out for 12 hours in front of the screen and make up on the precious lost screen time they otherwise often miss out on.

And I’m happy to let them because then I can drive and focus on the road; not kids screaming.

Now that they can watch seperate DVDs, headphone are imperative. Otherwise all the combatting noises would drive me bonkers and they’d whine that they can’t hear.

On our last trip the kids were excited to try out CozyPhones headphones. The snug-fitting, fleece headphones fit each kid wonderfully, and were easy to adjust for their very best listening experience.

Much to J’s delight, as he super worries about hearing damage, the volume could not be blasted to ear-damaging decibels, but did get high enough for H and B to hear  without any issues. 

Both kids really loved the CozyPhones and they will be a permanent item in our road trip survival bag. 

****Disclaimer: I was given a pair of CozyPhones in exchange for this review, but this review is 100% my thoughts and feelings toward the product.****

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