Disney World!


After our last trip to Disney World when Sweet M was in utero, I’d laughed and said he’d never experience the Disney Magic because the drive was too long. 

Well, joke was on me.

This was the best I could get, ha!

When J had a conference to attend at Shades of Green a week before Sweet M’s birthday, I knew we could not pass up this opportunity because the travel bug is strong in me, no matter how much I try to suppress it. 

I won’t lie, I was a wee bit apprehensive about doing Disney solo with three kidlets, while also being pregnant. It probably didn’t help that before we even left our hotel the first morning, Sweet M wriggled out of my arms while I ordered my coffee and when I turned around he was gone. 

Yep, gone.

Thankfully my heart only stopped for roughly 20 seconds before an older gentleman came walking up with my little munchkin, saying “is this one yours?”

Yep, that’s mine. 

The kids and I spent three days hopping around the parks. Sweet M could ride nearly everything and they all had a blast. 

The big kids really got a kick out of all the characters this go-round. And they were everywhere at Epcot! (And Momma enjoyed 643468 different iced teas.)

And apprehensive Sweet M definitely felt at home with sombrero-wearing Donald and immediately pursued a relationship with him.

The double stroller was a must. It held all of our snacks and diapers, and my tired kids when needed. Sweet M hung out in the baby carrier most of the time, but the stroller was for sure a lifesaver. 

It was such a lovely trip and the kids were so well-behaved, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again solo. What a great way to celebrate a whole year of our little guy! 

***Disclaimer: I was given park hopper tickets in exchange for this post, but all the experiences and opinions are my own. 

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