Dropping the Ball


Obviously, it took me less than a week to absolutely drop the ball on this new format. But let’s face it, we all knew that was going to happen. 

I got sidetracked with play dates and good friends and packing and ravioli. 

Yes. Ravioli. 

My kids have never experienced ravioli from a can until yesterday. It’s safe to say they love me even more for that grandiose experience. At least Sweet M does.

Now we are off to Wisconsin Dells for a nice leisurely (and COLD!) family vacation. Which means y’all are going to have fun seeing what these tiny crazy humans are up to all week.

The big kids have big aspirations of learning to snowboard. I’m praying this doesn’t mean we use up our FSA in one shot, haha.

I’m envisioning some indoor swim time, lots of reading, and hopefully working on boosting my milk supply that’s seemingly plummeted with M’s day time nursing strike (why couldn’t he have done a nighttime nursing strike?)

Obviously, all of next week will likely be a free for all, but expect lots of pictures and adventures! 

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