We recently ventured to Florida since J had a conference to attend for a week in Orlando: what a bummer, right?

Miss H and Mr. B are downright obsessed with Legos. They put together these huge, elaborate sets like it’s no big deal. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how to put Sweet M’s Duplos together, ha. It must be the engineering genes in them.

But I knew LEGOLAND was a must-visit for us.

We’d been to the Discovery Center in Chicago before, but we had no idea what was in store for us at the actual theme park. Boy were they excited!

It was a quick drive to LEGOLAND from where we were staying, and the kids were so tickled with joy they could hardly contain themselves.

We lucked out that we were visiting during non-peak season. I imagine it gets crazy busy over spring break and during the summer; though I’d imagine it would still be just as much fun! The downside to being there in February though was that the waterpark portion wasn’t open. But I guess you have to give up something in exchange for short lines!

I will be honest, there was a lot Mr. B and Miss H couldn’t do without an adult rider even though they were technically tall enough. But since I had Sweet M who was not tall enough, they couldn’t ride. I totally get it, but it was a tad disappointing, although Miss H and Mr. B did not complain about this even once. I was so impressed with how well they handled themselves.

There was still plenty they could enjoy and we easily spent the whole day there.




They were able to ride their very first “real” roller coaster (read: not a “kiddie coaster”). They were so excited about that, and because of the lack of lines, rode it four consecutive times. Oh, did I mention this was a dinosaur roller coaster? Yeah, they were in heaven!


Look at those fearless little front row riders!
By far though, the biggest hit was the new Ninjago World. Mr. B lives and breathes Ninjago. So a whole area dedicated just to it? Score!

There were fun ninja training courses, and they even got to meet one of the Ninjago characters! The best part was the ride was a 4D adventure that Sweet M could partake, where you battle in the Ninjago world while riding through in car. We rode that several times as well.


We opted to splurge and by lunch at the park, though they do allow you to bring your own food in (we brought bottled water). The food was totally on par for theme park food, but I really like hot dogs ( I know, I know!), so you won’t see me complain.

We had such a lovely and amazing time there, and I cannot wait to return in the future when Sweet M and Jelly Bean are bigger because I know this park will be a hit for many years to come!



***Full Dicslaimer: I was given free admission to LEGOLAND Florida for myself and my children in exchange for this review. Everything in this review is my own, genuine thoughts and experiences.


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