I know; these titles of mine are mind blowing.

We flew from Berlin to Madrid to spend a few days.

10 years ago J asked me to go to Spain with him. I didn’t know him very well. I was about to move to England for a year, and I was slightly afraid of being human trafficked (for real – I knew him that well!). But for reasons I can’t wholly explain, I agreed.

And I filled my backpack with “disposable clothes” and left with him. I had no idea where in Spain we were going or really what we were doing other than he’d swayed be the La Alhambra and my romantic ideas of writers and Ernest Hemingway and history I could walk through.

Needless to say, returning to Spain with nearly nine years of marriage under our belts and 4 crazy bambinos has been a very different experience.

Funnily enough, we are still sleeping in separate beds this go-round.

Madrid is just as lovely as the first time. The sangria still as sweet and the sights as beautiful and the company as good.

Miss H’s advice for traveling with a big family is to give the papa the baby so he can’t wonder too far from her food source – and I will admit it’s pretty sound advice.

Spain is such a different atmosphere than Germany in terms of family. I don’t know if everyone in Berlin really is angry and hates young people, but the atmosphere feels like it.

We haven’t gone into a single restaurant or store or even really walked down the street without everyone smiling and commenting on our kids and engaging with them. Everyone is constantly handing them lollipops and telling J how lucky he is. Restaurants are happy to seat us and wait staff even carry babies around for us so we can dine with both hands.

Spain really is so family orientated that it makes it so easy to travel with kids.

We popped into a small cafe one morning and Sweet M forgot him chupi there. For all of 10 seconds J decided that would mean we were weaning him from it, but then he popped into a pharmacy to buy another, ha. We stopped into the same cafe the next morning and the waiter immediately procured M’s chupi. We never expected them to have still had it, but sure enough!

We’ve enjoyed the Prado and walking around the city. Walking through gardens and stopping at playgrounds; keeping things as low key and kid-friendly as possible.

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