Milwaukee or Bust

We made a very quick trip to Milwaukee this past weekend. H and B’s Godparents’ oldest daughter was playing in the volleyball nationals up there; and since it’s only a mere five hour drive, we figured we’d give it a whirl to cheer her on!

It was a nice tester drive with Sweet M since we will be driving up to Niagara Falls in a little over a month; and that drive MUCH longer. But I think we will survive it. Somehow.

Anyway, we headed to Milwaukee around 5:30am, and got there shortly before 1pm. There was obviously a lot of stopping.

We met up with our friends at the Bradford Beach and H and B were in heaven: you read the word “beach” right? That’s all it takes for them, and then they’re in their zen place.



The heat was scorching. The water was ice cold. H and B didn’t mind a lick. In and out, in and out, while we watched the games and caught up with their Godmother.


Between the sun, the ungodly heat, the long drive, and of course, having been up since 4am, we were a wee bit more than exhausted by the time the day was over. We headed to our hotel – the Fairfield Inn – and showered everyone off before grabbing a quick bite to eat at some Mexican restaurant that – I kid you not – J chose because several reviews said how seedy it appeared from the outside.


We often stay at Marriott properties when vacationing; they never seem to let me down with being kid friendly. And the kids are always happy because they have waffles in the morning. It’s really a win-win.



The next morning we let the kids swim a bit at the hotel before heading out to grab some water and snacks before venturing back to the beach for more volleyball. The fog was unreal. As we were driving into downtown I was convinced for a bit that there was just a solid white wall up, but no, it was just some crazy intense fog.

The kids were starting to crash on the drive over, and instantly I recognized those all too familiar hangry signs and told J we had to feed them a proper lunch first – once they were playing in the heat they likely wouldn’t eat at all. A quick google search landed up as Safe House, a super cool spy restaurant that the kids were completely enthralled with! If you’re even in Milwaukee, seriously, check it out: with or without kids.



Unfortunately, after watching only one game, the rest of the day was cancelled due to rain. So we said our good-byes and headed home, as J had a ton of homework left to get done for the weekend.

I’ll admit, the drive home was a bit more rocky in the beginning. It took us three hours to get from Milwaukee to Chicago between atrocious rainstorms and an unhappy Sweet M. But once I finally got M to sleep, it was smooth sailing (the big kids were all ready out by then).


I really wish we had more time in Milwaukee – it’s definitely going on my list of places to vacation at some day. There seemed like a lot of really fun things to do, and it’s such a short drive.

And I really wish we’d had more time to visit with the kid’s Godmother. But alas, until next time!

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