Our Last Day of Our Hawaiian “Vacation”


We are here. In Hawai’i. On the island of Oahu, making Honolulu our hometown. I’ll make a seperate post later just about the getting here. It was…interesting.

We arrived Sunday afternoon (night for us). It was sunny and humid and hot and immediately my kids were melting. 

I could tell they were all ready questioning their parents wisdom and if we really made this leap with their best interests at heart (we did). Because who drags you away from everything you know so that you can literally melt? 

We quickly remedied their worries by the beach. 

Because how can you question anything when your life consists of the beach?

Monday was a holiday so J didn’t have to dive into work quite yet.

We spent the day getting familiar with our surroundings.

We got a Costco membership and bought the kiddos some boogie boards. I died over the price of steak in this town ($70/4 pack), but was pleasantly surprised with the price of almond milk ($9.99/3 half gallons). 

I ran into Safeway, the local grocery store, for a pregnant lady potty break and observed that a rotisserie chicken is $10.99! Yo, that’s my go-to healthy, cheap, dinner back in IN when we are in a hurry. And there they’re $5…so…bout that. But I can get two whole organic chickens at Costco for $20 so we will be eating a lot of chicken. Because I will never be a vegetarian because nothing kills my gut quite like beans, and soy freaks me out for reasons I can’t explain. I need my meat. 

I knew that they had a no plastic bag policy, but forgot when packing day came so all of our re-usable bags are currently…somewhere in transit. Walking out of Target lugging 6 ice cold bottles of water was probably a humorous sight for others.

I signed the lease agreement to our house here in Honolulu. It was a very grown up moment for me. I’m nearly 30 with (almost) four kids, but I’ve never signed a lease, ha. Bought a house and a few cars, but never truly rented.

Since we don’t get the keys to our house until Friday, we’ve been staying at the Marriott. We’ve been here a few times, so at least it’s familiar. 

They have the best breakfast, which is saying a lot coming from this girl who isn’t a breakfast person. And Waikiki beach is literally across the street and set up perfectly for kids with a retaining wall to keep out large creatures and prevent strong currents. Plus, the big kids can touch pretty much the whole way, and are both strong swimmers, so I feel comfortable letting them do their thing while I keep an eye on them and play with M. 

We’ve spent lazy mornings on the beach, chilling in the room during the hottest part of the day while M naps and the big kids relish in cable television. And then afternoons back on the beach. 

Y’all, I cannot complain. 

It’s beautiful here. 

There have been meltdowns and tears, some from the kids too, because even good changes are hard; and I know as the “vacation” part of this move ends, things will get a bit more overwhelming before they get normal, but I also know they’ll be so worth it. 

J is all ready fully submersed in work and loving it. And that means so much to me because I’ve seen him when he loves his work and when his work is just a necessity to pay the bills. When he loves it, it’s an awesome thing. 

Tomorrow we take possession of our house. We move the few possessions we currently have into what will be our home. And we start to figure out what life in Honolulu is going to be like for us.

I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t all a bit daunting, but I’ve never been one to turn down an adventure, and I know this will be such a great experience for our family. 

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