Well…I got really busy, and exhausted. And for some reason WordPress no longer wanted to work from my phone and we didn’t have our computers until the beginning of this month, and then lacked internet until today. Sooooo, there is a bit of a lag from our European adventure.


We spent 5 days in Sevilla and it was so extremely lovely. It was enough time to not feel rushed, and to just take our time and truly enjoy the city.


That was really our biggest focus with this trip. To just slow down and enjoy. I know there were moments where we didn’t accomplish that, but I do think that overall we managed.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Spain? It is so incredbly family friendly and no one seems to have any unrealistic expectation for children.


At restaurants no one bats an eye if your toddler is squirmy or your kids talk too loudly or your breastfeeding the baby (uncovered – the horror!). If your toddler has a meltdown in the afternoon after a busy day you get offers of sweets from strangers, or offers to help in some way, but you don’t get people’s exasperated and annoyed sighs of disapproval (which I’ve completely learned to ignore at this point in my life, but it’s nice to not even have to bothered with them, you know?).


And it’s clean. Unlike Berlin and Paris where I literally had to bathe my kids every night because they were streaked in dirt after walking around; I think I bathed my kiddos once in the whole 10 days we were in Spain (which is pretty on par for their bathing routines, ha).

Sevilla is gorgeous. It’s where I first held J’s hand a million years ago because I when I was young and bit prudish, and it was all I was ready to give at that point, and thankfully he was a gentleman and okay with that.


I think the kids all enjoyed Sevilla as well.

I know B was burnt out on walking, but that was pretty much the whole of our trip. It’s hard being at that age where you’re just too big for the stroller and not quite big enough to keep up yet.

The Plaza de Espana was a favorite and we frequented it daily. It was built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, and its beauty does no disappoint.



And they all enjoyed the frequent musicians and dancers about town. Sweet M realized he’s enthralled with tap dancing. That was fun to watch as he kept asking for “pennies” to give the street performer.


They all enjoyed the bull fighting stadium – La Plaza de Toros (Momma had mixed feelings about that one). The guided tour of this 18th century building is ridiculously informative though, no matter what your actual feelings toward bull fighting may be. The rich history held within these walls was something I definitely wanted the kidlets exposed to, and they didn’t seem too bored with it.



We of course hit up the Cathedral – Catedral de Sevilla -, which boasts being both the largest in square footage in the world, as well as where Christopher Columbus is buried (again…mixed feelings. Having both a history and human rights degree makes life fun!). It dates back to 1401, and Cathedrals are kinda my thing. I let the kids play at a bajillion different playgrounds and eat ice cream until they nearly explode, and they let Momma visit cathedrals and, occasionally, art museums. It all works out.



But I will leave you with a few of my favorite photos that can sum up our experiences better than I can with words.


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