Snow Fest at Bellows

We packed the kids up yesterday and headed over to one of our favorite beaches – Bellows! On base they were having a snow fest and the idea of 12 tons of snow was definitely alluring!

The kids were so excited to see “snow” and have a few snowball fights.

Sweet M wasn’t too impressed. Mostly, he was just happy to have his shovel. And happy to get away from the snow. (I feel ya, kid).

He was thrilled with the cookies and hot cocoa though! I mean, what kid doesn’t love a hot cocoa bar with an array of toppings? Even Momma got excited to see dark chocolate curls, because, dark chocolate. Life doesn’t get better than that.

We also took a stroll on the beach, where the wind was mighty and the waves were fierce. But it felt like, dare I say it? Home. This place is really feeling like home.

The Snow Fest was super crowded, but the kids had a blast. No one wanted to spend time in the long line to see Santa Claus, so instead they stood next to the blow-up Santa so Momma could snap a festive shot.

(Mr. B does have proper fitting sweaters. He just insists on wearing Sweet M’s.)

Bean slept through the whole event. It was a short, but fun little fest that we will for sure attend again next year if we are around!

I can’t wait to see what other fun events are around the island to get us prepped for celebrating a mele kalikimaka!

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