To Europe We Go


I will go back and wrap up our time in Hawaii, but it’s been so much and so crazy fast that I haven’t even really been able to process all those thoughts and emotions and last few days.

Anyway. I’ll just jump in.


We departed on the 4th of July for an epic adventure.

We caught the red eye to Vancouver, where we had a 10 hour layover.

And yes, I know both of those babies should be in car seats. But we went back and forth because we wouldn’t be able to use their car seats in Europe (chest clips are illegal in Europe) and would primarily be using public transportation, so it would just be more stuff to lug around. Although I won’t lie, if I were to do it again I’d have purchased 2 $40 seats from Wal-Mart and pitched them at the airport, and then tried to do the same for the return flight. Oh well. I’ll accept the lynching though.

Having never been to Vancouver, we decided to make the best of our time and venture outside of the airport. It was definitely worth it!

It is gorgeous!

We took the train into the city and walked along the Stalin’s to Granville Island. We took in the scenery and stopped at a playground before grabbing lunch and heading back to the airport.

I would definitely like to return to Vancouver some day for some mkre sight seeing.

Then we boarded our second flight, going to Frankfurt, Germany.

It was a wee bit exhausting. And so hot. The airplane was so disgustingly hot that we the babies down to their diapers and they were still a bit sweaty.

Someone on the flight was sabotaging the toilets with stacks of paper towels. The flight attendants were worried that all the toilets would get clogged and we’d have to land early. Thankfully that did not happen; we just only had two working toilets throughout the flight.


After we landed B barfed before we departed the plane. Pretty sure it was just from the heat and gross airplane food. He’s got his momma’s stomach.

Then we still had two hours before our Berlin flight. I grabbed pretzels for all the kids and we took it easy in the airport lobby.

Our last flight we all slept. All 6 of us. We were exhausted.

And we were officially in Berlin.

The kids were all such great travelers that I actually wouldn’t question flying such a distance with them again outside of my own jet lag and exhaustion, ha. We even decided to make his a 100% no electronics vacation outside of cameras (and Momma blogging when everyone is asleep), so the kids didn’t beings tablets or their Nintendo DS, even for the plane rides, and they were so stellar. I truly do believe that if you set the bar, the kids will rise to the occasion when given the chance.

Except for 2 year olds. They’re just crazy and need a lot of love and patience, ha! Because they’ll rip that bar down and club you in the head while squealing delightfully about it.

Traveling with kids isn’t all sunshine and roses. Mostly because you’ve added more people to something amazing and exhausting, and hanger is real. But I think how you view it and approach it is pretty key. If you expect it to be awful, it will be. If you expect it to be awesome, it will be. You really set the tone and get to decide.

I can’t wait to explore and eat our way through Europe!

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