A Safe Place for Mr. B: His Dinosaur Room!

This has been a long time coming. 

When Miss H and Mr. B left the family bed a year and a half ago, B didn’t mind because they moved into the same room. The transition at that time was by far easier for him than it was for H.

But when H was ready for her own room at the end of summer, B was not so keen, but he kept on going. 

I knew with the loss of his roommate and the addition of his baby brother into the house, which meant the majority of his toys would no longer be allowed in communal space, I wanted to create a place for him that was uniquely his. A place where he felt safe. A place he was comfortable and happy to play unaccompanied when needed. 

He’s a sensitive soul, so I didn’t want this necessary change to be perceived as being abandoned or banished (I’m a middle kid, too, B, the struggle is real!).

B has a passion for dinosaurs. “Paleontologist” is at the top for his future career (though FBI agent and mad scientist aren’t far behind). So we took it and ran.

Fortunately, I did not have to re-paint. Because Momma don’t have time for that these days (I did have to do some touch ups though). I made that swanky banner over his bed. 

His art wall is a mash-up of Hobby Lobby art and things he created himself. Swoon.

The adorable little reading nook and bookshelf was the last addition I put in this room to complete it. I wish I’d had such a fun space when I was a kid (or now!).

This room is by far the smallest in our house. It has only one window.  It has the same black out curtain that has hung there since we first made this Miss H’s nursery (a lifetime ago!). I almost changed it out, but there is something nostalgic about it for me, and Mr. B doesn’t seem to mind either way. 

He’s got a little white IKEA table with a basket of art supplies for his leisure. He’s not a big crafter like his sister, but a kid should have options, ya know.

He loves Legos. So the Lego table I made them a few years ago ended up in his room when it had to be relocated out of the living room. 

He’s also really into hot wheels. So his automatic race track got shoved in the corner with his car case; though I think they’d be better suited over in his book corner on the rug. We will see.

All of his clothes are in his closet, but no one wants to see that chaos. Pants and shirts hung up. Socks, chonies, pjs, and swimwear in a 3 bin drawer. 

More dino art from Target and Hobby Lobby. 

The little white shelf harbors a bin of his power ranger toys (his most coveted posessions), Legos, and a few random things. On top is his piggy bank and a “Blueberry” picture he recieved as a baby (it’s what we called him in utero).

And his little reading corner (sorry for such a shotty photo). My favorite part of his room.

His reading nook is there. A fun transportation rug from IKEA (see why the hotwheels should be over here?) fits perfectly in this space. IKEA photo display shelves are rigged up as book displays and a great space mobile hangs from above.

Cute dinosaur decals I snagged from Menards completes this space. Plus an adorable canvas of my darling H and B. And of course, his little guitar. This musical kid would have made my paternal grandpa proud. I so wish he’d have been around to meet my brood. I know he’d have loved them as much as I do.

Mr. B has been dealt so much this year: becoming a big brother, his sister going off to school all day, his momma needing to give more attention to the baby, he’s anxious over our president elect, etc. I know some days have been incredibly difficult for him. I know he’s felt so displaced at times.

A safe place of his own won’t and can’t make all of those big changes null and void, but I sure hope it helps make those transitions a smidge easier. Lord knows I’d move heaven and earth for that kid.

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