Lifelong Friends


I’m an introvert. I’m really bad at small talk, and large groups of people gives me extreme anxiety. Hell for me would be being in an auditorium full of people, forced to discuss the weather with them. 

Because of this I tend to come off as stand offish. I try really hard not to, but alas. I’m coming to terms that it’s simply who I am. 

It makes me cherish the friends I do have though. Those super close ones who more or less forced me to be their friend when I was totally content going solo but am now eternally grateful they wouldn’t let me walk away with my nose in a book. 

Those are the people I’d go to the ends of the earth for. Some of them I’ve been friends with since I was itty bitty. Others I didn’t meet until college or motherhood. They’re all invaluable. 

When you find a friend like that, the kind that’s there for the long haul; you hang on to them. 

So last year when one of H’s closest friends moved to Florida, I didn’t fret the way she did. Because I knew all ready that some friendships just cannot be hindered even with distance. 

So then this happened Tuesday night. 

My 6.5 year old and her dear friend who moved far away. Tears, y’all, tears. What a gift. 

Miss H isn’t the into introvert her momma is. She’s all ready had more friends in her short life than I likely ever will. She’s so likeable you’d have to be a sociopath to not instantly adore her. 

And yet. Oh, yet. She’s still human. And she’s going to have those forever friends too. And I’m so very happy that I get to watch those relationships blossom. 

I’m so happy to see that at such a young age Miss H all ready knows who (some anyway) of her lifelong peoples are. 

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