Miss H is 7! 

My best (oldest) girl turned seven on the last day of March.

She had chosen in February not to have a big party and instead do an extra day at Disney World. Because honestly, tickets for the three of us for a day at Disney World was rather comparable to what we would spend on a birthday party. I know. I know. I have some birthday hangups of my own. So I tend to go big or go home. But I’m also learning to let it be enough. And we had a super simple birthday for Sweet M this year. And I plan to make birthdays a lot more simple from here on out.

Still, we let her dictate what she wanted to do for her birthday.

It also coincided with it being the day of the big ultrasound for our little baby Jelly Bean, as well as Miss H’s last day of school. (Remember, we are purging for a reason. We pulled her out early, so we can enjoy our last few weeks here).

She requested strawberry cupcakes for school. So I dove into the world of vegan cupcake making, as one of her friends is vegan. And I think it’s much more cool to include everyone than to make one separate thing for someone just because they have different dietary restrictions. I didn’t want him to feel excluded.

I’m definitely not going to win any awards for my baking skills. Or my cake decorating skills. But it could’ve been much worse ha ha.

Miss H is obsessed with flowers. She loves them as much as animals. She’ll probably grow up to be some botanist who rescues animals. She was so tickled to death when her godparents sent her a flower cake for her birthday. I’m fairly certain it was the highlight of her day.

And then that evening, my sister drove up from Louisville. We very quickly did cake so the boys could enjoy it, because I knew they would long be in bed after we returned since our kids go to bed crazy early.

We picked up one of my good friends from a conference and we headed over to the mall for some pedicures. Miss H had been asking for a pedicure for quite a while. So I figured this was the time for that.

She wanted to walk around and shop at the mall. Something I haven’t done in ages. But both her little brothers needed some new summer clothes, so I obliged. You guys, this girl is growing up! She did get two dresses, but she didn’t bat an eyelash when we left with bags of clothes for her brothers, and only two things for her.

My sister bought them matching best friend necklaces. Because Miss H is afraid she’ll forget her after our big move. It’s kind of the sweetest thing ever. I’m not sure what I’m going to do not having my baby sister to call on whenever I need.

We finished our night with some takeout sushi. And just like that, I have a seven-year-old lady. 

And I swear, just yesterday I held her on my chest within seconds of bringing her into the world. No one told me how fast these years would go. And no one told me that I would feel like my life had only just begun the moment I brought life into the world. I had no idea how much I had to learn, or how much I had to grow, until I became her mother. She is the greatest blessing I could’ve ever asked for. She is an amazing, compassionate, empathetic, bright young lady. I am so glad that God chose me to be her mother. Despite all my faults and imperfections, and how many times I stumble and get this wrong with her, I’m so glad she’s mine. My great big seven-year-old.

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